Vikki Mancil Weigel

Vikki Mancil Weigel, a self taught artist, is a spontaneous painter who draws from her intuitive. She is recognized for her brilliant color palette and charming childlike spirit. Vikki's subjects include very personal childhood memories, whimsical "fantasy" characters, quirky animals and wildly patterned florals. A lot of her work speaks to the sisterhood of women and to the innocence of children. Additionally, she paints whimsical portraits of kids, friends, families, and pets, as well as custom decorative work such as murals, wall finishes, and painted furniture. At first glance her works might say "happy," fun," "whimsical" - but with a closer look the word "soulful" comes to mind.

Vikki`s work is collected and sold throughout the US as well as in Canada, Germany and Japan. Vikki holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama.

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